AIP Conference Proceedings
Sol-gel synthesis of magnetic sorbents based on porous iron oxides for the removal of U(VI) from aqueous solution
Papynov E.K., Portnyagin A.S., Cherednichenko A.I., Tkachenko I.A., Modin E.B., Dran’kov A.N., Kvach A.A., Zemchenko I.V., Tananaev I. G., Avramenko V.A.

Abstract. An original synthetic route to nanostructured iron oxides with porous structure and to their reduced derivatives, prospective for uranium (VI) uptake from water media, is presented. The uniqueness of method includes combination of sol-gel technology, which used for generating inorganic framework, and template synthesis for porous structure formation with the help of poreforming agent (polymer latex). Method of consolidating porous iron oxides and its influence on such characteristics as porosity, magnetization, morphology, phase composition and sorption properties are described. Sorption properties of the materials based on iron oxides and their reduced derivatives with respect to uranium (VI) from water media of different acidity has been investigated. Mechanism of uranium (VI) sorption on the obtained materials has been determined. The interaction of the sorbents with uranyl-ions was shown to change depending on phase composition and structure of the solid matrix.

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