Journal of Materials Science
Synthesis and sorption characteristics of tungsten oxides-based materials for Sr-90 removal from water media
A.M. Egorin, A.N. Dran’kov, N.V. Didenko, E.A. Tokar’, T.A. Sokol’nitskaya, E.K. Papynov, I.G. Tananaev

Here, we suggest a facile and technologically available approach to synthesis of tungsten oxide-based materials implementing a liquid phase reductive precip- itation followed by thermal dehydration of the obtained materials. Structure of the investigated sorbents refers to the type of tungsten bronze. Effects of annealing temperature on such properties as chemical and hydromechanical stability along with selective characteristics with respect to Sr-90 have been studied. Sorption investigations in static and dynamic regimes were done on micro- and macro-concentrations of strontium within 2–12 pH range in water solutions. Material’s selectivity to strontium has been assessed in the presence of such competing ions as Na+, K+, NH4+ and Ca+2. Respective constant values for Freundlich, Langmuir, and Langmuir–Freundlich equations have been evalu- ated for prepared samples. Full dynamic exchange capacity has been deter- mined in dynamic sorption conditions.

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