Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Synthesis and spark plasma sintering of solid-state matrices based on calcium silicate for 60Co immobilization
Shichalin O.O.; Yarusova S.B.; Ivanets A.I.; Papynov E.K.; Belov A.A.; Azon S.A.; Buravlev, I. Yua,; Panasenko A.E.; Zadorozhny P.A.; Mayorov, V.Yua,; Shlyk, D. Kh; Nepomnyushchaya V.A. Kapustina O.V.; Ivanova A.E.; Buravleva A.A.a; Merkulov E.B.b; Gordienko P.S.b

An effective sorption material for the immobilization of cobalt radionuclides into highly safe and reliable solid-state matrices is proposed. The resulting silicate sorbent СaSiO3 had an amorphous mesoporous structure (ABET 53 m2/g) and a sorption capacity Co ions of 3.32 mmol/g. The physico-chemical characteristics of the СaCoSi2O6 sample obtained after Co2+ ions sorption were studied using XRD, N2 and Ar adsorption-desorption, SEM-EDX and TG/DTA methods. Solid-state silicate matrices characterized by high density values (2.86–3.16 g/cm3), compressive strength (150–637 MPa) and Vickers microhardness (1.80–5.25 GPa) were obtained by spark plasma sintering (SPS). The sample obtained at 1000 °C had the lowest values of Co2+ ions leaching (RCo ~10−7 g/(cm2×day)) and diffusion coefficient (De 1.73 ×10−17 cm2/s) from silicate matrices. Thus, the obtained СaCoSi2O6 silicate matrices saturated with Co ions comply with the regulatory requirements of GOST R 50926–96 and ANSI/ANS 16.1 for 60Co immobilization. © 2022 Elsevier B.V.

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